19th Apr 2013
social media stress

Social Media Whaaaat?

A friend from high school wrote this article about how to navigate through the murky waters of Social Media Marketing. I loved the comparison to The 500 Hats of Bartholomew...

19th Apr 2013
Truck Cake

Birthday Cake

To say that my son is obsessed with trucks is an understatement. He lives, breathes and I’m sure dreams trucks. I decided I wanted to make him a truck cake...

09th Apr 2013
Get Organized!

Organizing for Creativity

I love this article written by Amber Rae of Fast Company. The idea of including  Work * Play * Fit * Push each day– and the graphical representation of each day–...

09th Apr 2013
Barb Bjornson

Barb Bjornson website launch!

  The wonderfully talented Minnesota artist Barb Bjornson has an amazing new website- The clean design and feel of the site beautifully showcase the colorful and magical illustrations! A...